We would like to inform you that the commission for admission to study at Vilnius Lithuanian House will work on August 29-31 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in 2022. The following must be submitted to the Admissions Committee:

  1. the application of the parents (guardians, caregivers) for the child's education, FORM;
  2. the child's birth certificate and a copy thereof;
  3. the passport of the child's foreign citizen and a copy thereof;
  4. a child's temporary / permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania or a National visa and copies thereof (for non-citizens of the Republic of Lithuania).
  5. a valid (non-) criminal record (for children from 14 years of age) together with a translation into Lithuanian (for those arriving with a National visa);
  6. parents' identity documents (passport or identity cards and their copies);
  7. a document confirming the origin of Lithuanians, the status of a descendant of an exiled or political prisoner and a copy thereof;
  8. a child's health certificate in the form established in the Republic of Lithuania or a health certificate obtained abroad translated into Lithuanian;
  9. a certificate of learning achievements and / or a certificate of learning outcomes translated into Lithuanian;
  10. the notarized consent of the parents regarding the representation of the child in the Republic of Lithuania, if the child plans to live in the dormitory of the Lithuanian House in Vilnius;
  11. two documentary photographs.

         Please note that health care services in medical institutions are paid for students who plan to live in the dormitory of the Lithuanian House in Vilnius and have a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania. Therefore, please ensure that the child has the funds to pay for health care. For reimbursement of paid healthcare, you must apply to the insurance institution of your choice where the child is insured. All documents must be valid.

Children and admission conditions are admitted to the Lithuanian House in Vilnius
  • Children of Lithuanians and foreigners arriving / departing from abroad;
  • children of Lithuanians living outside Lithuania;
  • descendants of deportees and political prisoners of Lithuanian origin;
  • when siblings are already in school; children of former students or staff;
  • in the presence of vacancies, other children with grades in Lithuanian, mathematics, history and foreign languages ​​of 7 and above;
  • Children are admitted to the first grade at the age of 7 or when the child reaches the age of 7 by 31 December of the current year. In another case, the assessment of the child's maturity must be performed in accordance with Order No. 1 of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania of 13 June 2012. V-971 “On the Minister of Education and Science 2005 October 29 order no. Amendment to ISAK-2173 “On the Approval of the Description of the Procedure for Assessing the Maturity of a Child to Learn According to Pre-School and Primary Education Programs” (Official Gazette Valstybės žinios, 2012, No. 68-3497);
  • students aged 7-17 are admitted to other classes. Those who do not speak Lithuanian are admitted to an equalization class or equalization group, where they study Lithuanian for one year;
  • the education of persons coming from abroad shall be organized at the school in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Education of the Republic of Lithuania and the General Education Programs;
  • the achievements of foreigners who do not have educational achievements or educational documents shall be evaluated by a commission approved by an order of the director.